Becoming a Business Partner
To begin, let us know you're interested.

How it Works:
  • Today you'll let Target know you're interested and provide basic information about your business. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible (typically within a few minutes) via email. (Please note the contact that completes the registration process is defaulted as one of the Business Partner Administrators for the company.)
  • Your Business Partner Administratorwill then provide us with details about your company and be the primary contact for your company. (Note: we do not allow sharing of IDs.)
  • Business Partner Administrator Roles& Responsibilities:
    • Enteringand updating contact information
    • Provisioning application access to other contacts
    • CommunicatingTarget updates to appropriate contacts
    • Overall accuracy of data provided on thecompany profile
How to Prepare

Information you need right now:
  • Select the appropriate Business Partner Administrator(s) to register your company. Follow the below guidelines:
- Each company should have at least 2 BP Administrators (please note that Administrators are given full access to your company data including payment information.)
- Ensure that the Administrator will regularly log into POL for updates and alerts
-Administrator will be responsible to ensure accurate and up-to-date profile and contact information
  • Your company'scontact information
  • Basic company information
Information you will need later
Detailed information about your business
Information about your suppliers
Product information